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Developing An Online Presence As A Creative Business Owner

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Now we’re getting into the part that can feel overwhelming. We all know that we need an online presence for our customers to find us. Back when the internet was new, having a simple blog was the start of the online business world.

With social media there are a ton of places that we can have a presence online. It's easy to simply pick one platform and designate it as your sole online identity, but in order to be successful and ensure that you are reaching your target audience - you need to diversify online.

Having social media accounts and maybe even an e-commerce shop are important but you should consider having a website - even if it’s just a simple one. Savvy customers tend to research who they're buying from, and having a website set up creates credibility that can help you rise to the top of your competitors. You can create easy landing pages that offer information and even gather email addresses to help you grow your list.

You can make a website as simple or elaborate as you wish. You don’t need to hire an expensive web designer to create a simple webpage for you. Wordpress and a variety of different plugins can be used to make a website that you’re proud of. I’ve used Thrive Themes and have found the variety of plugins that they offer for Wordpress are fairly easy to implement and personalize to fit my needs.

To blog or not to blog?

Now that you have an online presence, you need to fill it with content, right? I am not a blogger at all. I know it's important, and I know that putting out premium content for blog readers helps to build a business, but that still doesn’t make me like doing it.

I literally hate blogging. I've spent so much time and money buying courses, e-books and everything possible to try to excite me about blogging, and nothing has worked.

online presence

Blogging Tips

I finally decided I'm going to bring my earbuds and my phone and start recording voice memos everywhere I go. If I’m waiting in line or in the parking lot to pick up my kids, it's really easy just to start a voice memo and record some thoughts. They may not be perfect, polished and ready to plug into a blog post but they would be something to build on. I can brainstorm some content ideas as far as freebies I can give away etc. It’s something I’ve started doing lately to make sure that I’m actually providing content on my blog without feeling like it’s blogging.

There are other apps out there like otter.io that will take dictation from your phone using your internal phone microphone or your earbud microphone. Whatever ways you find to capture your thoughts and simplify the process of creating content, jump on it!

Tips: You have to speak slowly and clearly when you record your voice memos on your phone. I talk fast and sometimes my words sound jumbled on the recording, so that was something I had to modify. As you play your voice recording, Dictation will begin to type out your audio into text for you. This isn’t 100% flawless, and you will still need to go back and edit a little bit, especially with punctuation.

I've found that it becomes easier to create content when you jot down or voice record anything that pops into your mind. It doesn't necessarily have to be a completely fleshed out idea, it could just be two or three sentences to start. Once you have captured those little ideas the rest seems to come more easily.

When you're trying to come up with content ideas, sometimes it's helpful to remember what you used to search for when you were starting out on your creative journey. If there is a topic that you're naturally curious about, do the research and then create a post about it. If you're interested in it, then there is a high probability that others would be interested as well.

Don't forget to use Pinterest as a search tool. You can quickly see what kinds of posts are trending, and then develop your content based on those trends. So much easier than writer's block!

My next post is a long one! We go over making the most of social media and how to get the most traction out of each platform. Hope you join me there!

online social media